Are you an explorer?

Explorers don’t believe in maps.

Oh, explorers use maps as pictures of what has been, a glimpse of historic views. But the work of exploring is to challenge the current thinking and find new paths.

It is a hunch,
a guess,
a hoped for ending that guides the explorer.

The rest of the world uses maps to navigate.

But what if the maps are wrong? Or incomplete?

World Map

We believe it is time for people of faith in Houston to create better maps.

Our hoped for ending is a new Houston—as the apostle Paul says “new creation!” We imagine a city filled with flourishing people, built on relationships and networks that help us cross boundaries and create new worlds together.

What would happen to our lives if we spent time getting to really know our fellow citizens across neighborhood boundaries?

Maybe our map would look more like this picture of Facebook friends connected across the world, where borders no longer apply and the number of connections light up the map.

Facebook World Map

How differently would we think and act if we had access to deep theological learning with some of the leading teachers of today? With new eyes and opened minds could we begin to have conversations that build connection and possibility?

And what would happen to our city if we worked and invested together—individuals and institutions—in the under-resourced parts of Houston? Could there be new integrated ways to address difficult issues such as mental illness and poverty?

In 1939 Deitrich Bonhoeffer wrote his book Life Together, lifting up a map for the church as a community of love. “We must be ready to allow ourselves to be interrupted by God. God will be constantly crossing our paths and canceling our plans by sending us people with claims and petitions.” says Bonhoeffer.

We hope to reimagine our lives together in Houston so that our daily actions exhibit new ideas on community and living thankfully into the new creation we are called to become.

Are you ready to throw away old maps and start the journey anew?

Come explore with us.

Together we can create with God a new city.

Laura and Roy Nichol